Quito - Ecuador 10 °C
Cruz Loma - Ecuador   °C

What you should know

Important information

TelefériQo is not responsible for those who leave the concession area or any accident that may occur to people who do not use the cabs as transportation, up or down the mountain.


Important Information
  Motor platform height 3.117masl
  Cruz Loma platform 3.947masl
  Cruz Loma average temperature year-round °C
  Average duration of ride 18 minutos
  The rent of horses in Cruz Loma is not a service provided by Teleférico Quito.



  Not children under 18 months allowed.  
  It can be dangerous for people suffering hypertension, heard diseases and respiratory problems.  
  Do not hesitate to visit the Medical Center.  
  For long walks, professional guide is required.