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Teleférico Quito is one of the most important touristic icons of Quito city, it is a mandatory place to visit for national and foreigners tourists.  It was inagurated on May 24 of 2005 and is located at Rucu Pichincha vulcano's foothills. It elevates from the motor platform at 3117masl up to Cruz Loma at 3947masl, which makes it one of the highest cableway of South Am'erica. It is open 365 days a year and it offers visitors a wide variety of activities and entertainment.

In a ride that takes around 18 minutes, it runs a distance of 2.5km. Surrounded by ravines El Tejado to the north and Vásconez to the south. You'll feel in your body the effects of rapidly climbing a vertical drop of 1000 meters between both platforms and you will go along 3 microclimates: starting from the Andean forest consisting mainly of eucalyptus; few meters above the vegetation changes dramatically, and you'll find yourself with bushes of pumamaqui, achupallas and romerillo; at the end of the route, you'll reach the Andean plateau formed by pajonales, alfombrillas y chuquiraguas. If you are carefull you may watch robbins and hummingbirds and if you are lucky, you may watch moorland rabbits, hawks and partridges; after the sunset you could watch wolves on the sorroundings. At summits, occasionally, you can witness the majestic flight of the ecuadorian condor.

The sight of Quito during the ride is amazing, but it does nothing to do with the sight Cruz Loma offers from their viewers. From there you can see Los Chillos valley, San Rafael and Machachi. On a clear day you can see and impressive chain of volcanoes: Beginning with the Atacazo and finishing with the Cayambe, passing through the Corazón, Illinizas, Cotopaxi, Pasochoa, Rumiñahui and Antisana.

Once you are in Cruz Loma, the recreation alternatives are many  and they are free to your imagination. You can make camping, walking, hiking, climbing, paragliding, downhill, photographing, mountain maraton, etc., or visit to the Guagua and Rucu Pichincha summits just five kilometers away from Cruz Loma.

The temperature during daylight can fall quickly to 6 °C and runs a constantly cold wind coming down from the mountain, so it is advisable to wear warm clothes. If you are thinking on climbing to the volcano, it is needed to carry mountain equipment and do it in company of an experienced guide.

Teleférico Quito is open to tourists 365 days a year, from 08h00 up to 20h00, however you have to keep in mind that the descent takes about 18 minutes and you should be in the station before 19h30 so you can return without inconveniences.